4. Carrot Weather

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After a couple of years, apps tend to hit a kind of plateau, and that used to be Carrot Weather’s story: It was a snarky, beautiful weather app that had its following, but it wasn’t doing much new.

But starting this year, Carrot Weather really shook things up. It made the app free, and switched to a subscription model. While this came with a steady income, and a whole new modular approach to the app.

Carrot Weather users can now essentially design their own weather app, creating different themes with the parameters that you want to display, and how you want to display them. Plus, the Apple Watch app, with its extensive complications, is also darn good (which is why it won the Watch App of the Year 2021 award). And the same sense of humor remains—though it’s probably best to make sure your phone is on silent before opening in polite company, lest it start swearing at you about the weather.