I completely missed this gem when it first came out, because I was 8 years old and my mother does not care for Martin Short—and this movie is Martin Short at his Martin Shortest. Short plays 10-year-old boy named Clifford who—like most children in the 90s—is obsessed with dinosaurs. So obsessed, in fact, that he forces an airline pilot to make an emergency landing in Southern California so he can take a trip to Dinosaur World.

I cannot remember the last time a movie made me laugh this hard. Clifford is impulsive, selfish, conniving, and (at times) downright evil, and Short’s unparalleled control of his face makes him equally mesmerizing and repulsive in the role. Clifford speaks to the worst part of our inner child, the part that throws a tantrum when we don’t get our way. “That’s you,” my boyfriend said more than once during the movie, but Clifford isn’t just me. Clifford is all of us.—Claire Lower, senior food editor

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