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To know Beth Skwarecki is to be mildly—if not totally—obsessed with her and her impressive array of hobbies and interests. She is not like us, she is better, which is why she is the only health and fitness writer I read with any regularity. Beth played a huge role in helping me meet my fitness goals last year, but if I could pass on a single piece of wisdom from Beth to the world, this blog would be it. It may seem overly simplistic, but putting some fucking weight on the bar is the only way you’re going to get those sweet, sweet gains. As Beth explains, more weight is not something you have to “earn” with perfect form, and you’re probably underestimating how much you can lift.

(I initially started off with paltry 70-pound leg presses. “You can probably do 200,” Beth texted me. She was right.)—Claire Lower, senior food editor