The Other Two is one of the most painfully funny comedies on television, precisely because it makes you care so much about the titular duo even though we should probably hate them.

Cary (Drew Tarver) and Brooke (Heléne York) are the decade-older siblings of a Justin Bieber-esque YouTube star whose mom has subsequently also become the biggest thing in daytime TV. Meanwhile, struggling actor Cary can’t book any gig, save for hosting obscure online talk shows (Age Net Worth Feet), while Brooke fakes it but never quite makes it as Chase’s and her mom’s manager. Both siblings seem to think they are owed success but have no idea how to earn it (relatable).

In the penultimate episode of the brilliant second season, Cary is on a flight to Los Angeles when he decides to send a nude picture to a guy on Grindr; it turns out he actually sends a “live” photo revealing his face, and sends his butthole shot on the roller coaster of social media, taking him from infamy to laughingstock to something approaching fame (“Cary, your two high school dreams: Becoming an actor and having Mark Ruffalo see your hole!”). It’s about as heartwarming as this show gets.—Joel

Where to watch: HBO Max