You wake up in a literal cube with a bunch of strangers and no knowledge of where you are or how you got there. The cube is connected to other cubes, and each contains its own traps and puzzles, many of them deadly. The best you can do is try to stay alive. There’s a purity to the concept here that has helped Cube gain its status as a cult classic—just characters with different skills working together (or not) in order to survive and escape an impossible maze. The refusal to spend much time explaining the nature of the puzzle in which they’re trapped is an essential element of the movie, heightening its existential dread by suggesting that the carnage is almost entirely pointless. Life, amirite? it pre-dates Battle Royale, and never really caught on as more than a niche film, but still feels very much of a piece with the rest of the movies and shows here.

Though fairly low-budget, the cast includes a few faces that would shortly become familiar to sci-fi fans: ubiquitous character actor Julian Richings, Stargate’s David Hewlett, and Deep Space Nine’s Nicole de Boer among them. A Japanese remake is coming later this year.

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