Hitchcock fans remember bird attacks (and how could you not?), but all those vicious gulls, crows, and starlings are there in service of a deeper relationship drama. When Tippi Hedren’s Melanie Daniels comes to the small, isolated town of Bodega Bay, she brings to the surface the conflicts between various locals, including the friends and family of Rod Taylor’s Mitch Brenner. As the movie progresses, and the circle of survivors gets smaller, a group of people who don’t like necessarily each other all that much grow increasingly isolated, their conflict mirrored by the murderous birds. By the end, it’s only by learning to at least tolerate each other that they’re able to form a truce with the avian aggressors. Though slightly uncomfortable, the metaphor works on both a family and societal level.

(The Miss Marple-looking ornithologist is 100% wrong, though, so let’s ignore the movie’s implications about scientists.)

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