As with so many of these movies, this one begins with a busy big-city go-getter returning to her hometown. Here, it’s Suzie (Jacky Lai), off to Maine to spend Christmas with her Chinese-American family. She’s quickly guilted into taking her late grandmother’s place in the annual, and all-important, gingerbread house competition. Fortunately, she won’t have to do it alone—teaming up with an old friend from high school (Tony Giroux) who got kinda hot in the years since they’d seen each other. The movie deals, gently, with cultural traditions and stereotypes, so, though the set-up is fairly stock, the plot wisely acknowledges that non-white characters may well have different experiences of the holidays.

Billed as the first cozy Christmas movie with a mostly Asian cast and crew, it’s both a timely sign of progress and a reminder that there’s still plenty of room for growth in the genre (and the industry). It came out last year.

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