Some of this might hit a little close to home these days: A CDC doctor returns to her hometown in the Louisiana bayou to investigate a mysterious virus that the locals don’t want to deal with or talk about until it’s much too late. When a local biologist is killed (more or less) for helping her, suspicions turn to a local corporation. The show doesn’t reach the heady, psychedelic heights of the comics source material, but it does bring a level of body horror that’s probably not surprising given that the show is about a man who turns into a plant, but also as it has James Wan (Saw, The Conjuring) onboard as an executive producer.

Swamp Thing’s got some genuinely impressive gore effects, not only having to do with the main character but also involving the plant-based outbreak that takes over the misty, sleepy Louisiana town where it’s set. To lend the show a final bit of horror cred, the title character is played by actor/stuntman Derek Mears, also the most recent Jason Voorhees. The show was rather notoriously cancelled before it was even finished filming (something to do with lost tax credits), but it still manages to wrap up its storylines fairly neatly, if abruptly.

Where to stream: CW