In the very crowded field that is Spider-Man movies, and the even more crowded field of superhero movies more generally, Spider-Verse is pretty much as good as it gets. While the unique animation style has a part to play, actor and singer Moore (Dope, The Get Down) carries much of the film with sheer charisma and heart as central webslinger Miles—and is more than matched by smaller yet pivotal turns from his fellow spider-people, including Jake Johnson as a weary Peter Parker; Chris Pine as a, er, less weary Peter Parker; Hailee Steinfeld as a flighty Gwen “Spider-Woman” Stacey; a world weary John Mulaney as Peter “Spider-Pig” Porker; and a totally in on the joke Nicholas Cage as Spider-Man from the noir universe. And that’s not even touching on Oscar-winner Mahershala Ali’s pivotal role as Miles’ beloved uncle-turned-antagonist.

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