Queer content in mainstream, theatrically released movies has been a bit of a mixed bag, even in the 2010s and 2020s. We’d expect that, given the critical and box office success of Brokeback Mountain and, to a lesser extent—because it was an indie—Moonlight (just to name a couple) there’d have been an explosion of mainstream LGBTQ+ cinema. It never materialized, in large part because bigger budgets have lead to greater risk aversion within studios, especially given the need to market movies globally. As tough a sell as gay stuff can be for some US audiences, there are huge overseas markets where that kind of thing is a non-starter. It’s why, after almost 25 Marvel movies, we’ve had one very brief, easily-clipped moment of an unnamed male character mentioning a date with another man…and why the big gay moment in Star Wars was a similarly blink-and-you-ll-miss-it. The upcoming Eternals seems set to include a bit more queer representation, but, at this point, I’ll believe it when I see it.

Luckily, streaming has opened up lots of avenues for queer-themed shows and movies, so it’s definitely not all bad.

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