With two major, star-studded, serious films out this year, 84-year-old Ridley Scott still as spry a director as ever—and as grumpy, too. He blamed the box office failure of this Rashomon-esque medieval drama about France’s last legal fight to the death (which made like zero dollars despite the presence of stars/co-writers Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, not to mention Adam Driver and Jodie Comer) on millennials and their cell phones, instead of on the fact that a grim story tracking the conflicting accounts of a woman’s rape might not be the most enticing night out amid a pandemic.

You can understand his bitterness—he made a very good film, treating the heavy subject matter with a delicacy that belies its reputation as yet another story of a woman’s trauma told by men (and for that we should probably thank the third member of the screenwriting team, Nicole Holofcener, who writes the story from the woman’s point-of-view—the only account the film assures us is the truth).

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