A decade or so ago I made the (poor) decision to rewatch this movie while under the influence. As my memories suggest, there’s not a great amount of difference between watching a movie as a kid and watching a movie while high…sorry to 8-year-old me.

“Along the Rankin/Bass line, The Last Unicorn had so many horror moments. Top 3 being the three-boobed harpy murdering Mommy Fortuna, the red bull of course, and that damned talking skeleton when his eyes go red. Nightmares for weeks!” —fignootin4

“I don’t think this movie was supposed to have been a children’s movie, but I think the idea of non-children oriented animated films was kind of new to the industry at the time. So it was marketed as a family movie, despite having way too many dark and creepy elements to be young child appropriate. The Red Bull especially terrified me, but there are a lot of aspects that freaked me out. I’ve rewatched the movie as an adult and have more appreciation of it now, but I still can’t embrace it.” —HeathMaiden

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