Too many books, too little time.

It’s true: There are more books that exist in the world than one person could possibly read in a lifetime. That being said, there’s still time to read titles that personally interest you. If you’ve got a busy schedule, though, it can be challenging to find time to read new books or thumb through classics. But there is a way to digest novel ideas in very little time.

That’s exactly what 12min Micro Books has to offer. Now, you can process hundreds of pages in just 12 minutes by either reading or listening to a specially formulated micro book. For a limited time, a lifetime subscription to the entire 12min Micro Books library (listed at $400) is available for the discounted price of $29, thanks to a special Memorial Day price drop. This deal will not last into summer, so be sure to hop on it while you can.

Zip through books in 12 minutes

Spending less than $40 on lifetime access to an incredible library of shortened books easily pays for itself. 12min Micro Books are designed to fit into shorter moments of your day, whether it’s reading as you wait for an appointment or listening in the car or at the gym. Every month, subscribers get 30 new titles that can be consumed in 12 minutes each, allowing you to continue learning as you lead a busy life.

If there’s a book you’d like to read that isn’t available, you can contact the 12min Micro Books team and they’ll consider adding it to the library. You can send micro books to your Kindle account, so you can access them offline anywhere in the world. Right now, there are 1,800 microbooks spanning many genres. They come in 24 categories, from personal development to science and technology. Popular titles like Rich Dad Poor Dad and Man’s Search for Meaning are already available in the 12min Micro Books library. Subscribe now, and you can start exploring bestsellers today.

Reading can stimulate the imagination, pass the time and do a lot more. It can kickstart your creative-writing dreams, and help you learn new facts.

“Love this!” wrote Jon N., a passionate 12min subscriber, in a review. “I’ve been looking for something like 12min for the longest time, and I’m so glad I found it. There are plenty of book choices, from business to spirituality. While I haven’t read any of the book summaries, the audio summaries are perfect and are what I use 12min for.”

Save on 12min Micro Books

Available in English, Spanish and Portuguese, 12min Micro Books offers an ideal way to digest hundreds of books quickly. Only through Memorial Day, you can access a lifetime subscription at a 90% discount for just $29.

Prices subject to change.