Amid rumors that Apple is working on a cheaper first-party desktop display, the company has added the 27-inch Thunderbolt Display to its list of “vintage” products.

Apple defines “vintage” products as devices that have not been sold for more than five and less than seven years ago. The company maintains a support document with vintage or obsolete products so that users can get service or repairs after their warranties expire.

The Thunderbolt Display launched in 2011 and was officially discontinued in 2016. During its run, the Thunderbolt display didn’t receive any updates. Notably, it was the last Apple-branded display in production before the launch of the Pro Display XDR.

Unlike the consumer-focused Thunderbolt Display, however, the Pro Display XDR is aimed at the professional market — and it packs a $5,000 price tag.

Apple is reportedly working on a lower-priced external display to succeed the Thunderbolt Display. There isn’t much information about the rumored monitor beyond the fact that it should be cheaper than the Pro Display XDR.