How to Make Your Own DIY Bundt Pan

To make your own Bundt cake pan, take a round cake pan, and place a small empty can in the middle. Fill the empty can with rice, in order to weigh it down. Behold: your DIY Bundt pan. Once you have your pan, you’ll want to coat the inside with a generous amount of nonstick spray, add in the cake batter, and bake.

Bundt pans aren’t just for cake

Although everyone thinks of cake when they think of Bundt pans, there are number of savory uses for a Bundt pan, too— many of which are quite smart.

For example, you can bake a loaf of bread in a Bundt pan in order to make a submarine sandwich that looks like a giant donut. Bundt pans are also ideal for baking large quantities of jalapeño poppers, or for making a lasagna in which every slice has some of the crunchy, delicious edge. I suppose if you’re going to use it for all of that, you could splurge for the real deal—but now you know you don’t have to.