Mozilla has announced the public release of Firefox 89 for macOS. The latest Firefox version comes loaded with new features and a design overhaul for a better browsing experience.

Firefox 89 arrives with new floating tab features. The floating tab contains information and other prompts whenever you need them. Furthermore, you also get visual indicators for various functionalities, including audio and media controls. Firefox has managed to reduce the number of notifications for improved productivity and fewer distractions. The visuals now feature lighter colors and consistent styling.

macOS users will get an “elastic” overscroll effect already seen on other applications. Once you have reached the end of the page, a bouncing animation will appear. Other features exclusive for macOS users include support for smart zoom, double-tap with two fingers on the trackpad, and single finger on Magic Mouse to zoom the content.

The Firefox 89 features a simplified toolbar with less frequently used items removed. This way, users can focus on “most important navigation items.” Menus and prompts across the browser are redesigned for a better user experience. Firefox prioritizes menu content depending on your usage. In other words, the most frequently used menu item is displayed first. Lastly, Firefox 89 contextual menus are now native on macOS and thus support Dark Mode.

Previously, colors in Firefox used to get saturated on wide gamut display. Mozilla has fixed this issue, and starting now, colors in images tagged as sRGB will match CSS colors. With all the new features, macOS Firefox now matches pace with Linux and Windows version.

Mozilla claims to have enhanced privacy of the Firefox Browsers private browsing mode with Total Cookie Protection. This ensures that companies cannot use your cookies to track activity across other sites.

[via Mozilla]

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