Here’s why you can’t make an Apple Card payment
Apple Card has been hit with a software outage.
Photo: Cult of Mac/Linnaea Mallette/

Apple Card users may find that they’re unable to make a payment or see recent transactions. Apple reports that the software that handles these tasks for its credit card has been having problems for several hours.

A check of Apple’s official System Status page shows the messaging service has as “outage.” The iPhone-maker warns that this means, “users may not be able to manage their Apple Card, make payments, and may not see recent transactions.”

Currently, the outage has been going on almost three hours. And it affects all users of the credit card. No other Apple services are having problems, however. Everything else on the System Status page has a green light.

The range of iCloud services are generally reliable but they do have occasional problems. iCloud Mail was partially broken last week, for example.

We’ll update this article if/when the status of this service changes.