How to Fix Sticky Keys and Double Presses on Your MacBook Keyboard

How to get keep a keyboard from double-pressing letters

If you’re not comfortable going with the hardware route, you might want to try a software hack instead. Our very own Pranay Parab was able to stop his space bar from the dreaded double-press by setting a text replacement to change a double-space to a single-space.


There are downloads to help as well. Consider Unshaky, for example: The program analyzes your typing and blocks a repeated keystroke if it occurs too quickly, which shouldn’t affect those times you mean to press a key twice.

Of course, do your best to keep debris away from your laptop. Clean up as much dust in your work environment as possible, don’t eat by your keyboard, and, above all, try to brush away those thoughts to just give up and buy a computer with a keyboard that isn’t doomed to fail.