How to Not Be a Jerk to Your Housekeeper

Communicate clearly with your housekeeper

Make sure you are communicating clearly with your housekeeper on their duties and what, specifically, they are being hired to do. Again, if you want add-ons, communicate this before you hire them. Even before you begin looking for the right person, write out all of the tasks you need to be completed on a weekly or monthly basis. Then, review the list, referring to those dos and don’ts of housekeeper work. You might discover you need a nanny, rather than a part-time housekeeper.


Lastly, don’t cancel the work on short notice unless it’s an emergency. Housekeepers likely rely on that paycheck, and canceling at the last minute could jeopardize their ability to get groceries, gas, or pay their rent. Take care of your housekeepers, and they’ll take care of you.