This is a CAD drawing supposedly showing the iPhone 13 notch
The 120Hz screen in the iPhone 13 might require a heftier battery.,
Screenshot: Jon Prosser/Front Page Tech

An improved display in the iPhone 13 series will reportedly force Apple to put in a larger battery, making the upcoming handsets slightly thicker.

This is supposedly the response to requests for an iPhone screen with a 120Hz refresh rate. The faster rate makes the user interface of a phone or tablet just a bit smoother and more responsive.

iPhone 13 with 120Hz screen is a challenge

The 120Hz display was cut from last year’s iPhone 12 series because it put too much strain on the battery, notes Jon Prosser in Wednesday’s Front Page Tech.

But Apple is increasing battery capacities in all four of the iPhone 13 models, reports 9to5Mac. The Pro Max will supposedly go up a whopping 18%, the 6.1-inch Pro and non-Pro model will increase 9.9%, and the mini’s battery increase by 8%.

There’s a downside for this, according to Prosser. During the most recent FPT, he said, “According to the latest, most up to date CAD files that I have personally for the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro, the actual devices are slightly thicker to accommodate that larger battery.”

But this goes somewhat against a March report from Ming-Chi Kuo from TF International Securities. His sources in Apple’s supply chain agree that iPhone 13 battery capacities will increase but there’ll be no increase in size, “thanks to the space-saving design of many components,” according to Kuo.

A thicker handset would force accessory makers to design new cases just for the iPhone 13 — ones made for the iPhone 12 won‘t fit.

Prosser’s CAD files also show the screen notch in the Apple’s upcoming handsets will shrink a bit, and there’s evidence to back this up.

Questions about the iPhone 13, 120Hz and battery size likely won‘t be settled until September. That’s when Apple is expected to officially unveil the next-generation iOS handset.