‘Legends of Kingdom Rush’ debuts on Apple Arcade in June 11
Go open an epic adventure in Legends of Kingdom Rush on Apple Arcade.
Photo: Ironhide

The popular Kingdom Rush game is getting rebooted as a medieval fantasy RPG with a storyline. Legends of Kingdom Rush is coming June 11 exclusively to Apple Arcade for iPhone, Mac and more.

Choose your heroes to fight creeps and save the world.

Legends of Kingdom Rush is an RPG

Ironhide’s original Kingdom Rush is a tower defense game. The followup is a role-playing game with roguelike elements that takes place in the same world. Players will face an extraplanar menace of unprecedented proportions that’s attacking the realm. The action moves through

This is strategic combat, not simple hack and slash. Gameplay happens on a hex grid, and it’s up to the player to choose the party members best suited for each challenge. That could be the mighty paladin Gerald Lightseeker, the cunning shadow assassin Asra Daggerfall, or other companion heroes. More characters are unlocked as play progresses.

Watch the trailer to see more:

Coming soon to Apple Arcade

Ironhide’s Legends of Kingdom Rush will debut on Apple’s gaming subscription service on June 11. There will be versions for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. The game will support touchscreens as well as external game controllers.

But playing requires a $4.99-per-month Apple Arcade subscription. Still, the service comes with close to 200 games. And there will never be in-app purchases, ads or tricky loot boxes.

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