Nomad is continuing its partnership with Moment with the launch of the a version of its premium leather iPhone cases with support for Moment’s mobile lenses for iPhone 12.

The updated version of Nomad’s Rugged Case now includes support for Moment M-series lenses which can be affixed over the wide and tele lenses and offer a wealth of photography possibilities. Moment offers a fisheye lens, an 18mm wide lens, a 65mm tele lens, a macro lens, and an anamorphic lens.

Nomad's new cases also work with Apple MagSafe

Nomad’s new cases also work with Apple MagSafe

Both a standard camera ring and a lens mount camera ring is included. Moment offers the same functionality on its own plastic cases as well.

The Rugged Case has ten feet of drop protection and is wrapped in either black or Rustic Brown natural Horween leather. The lineup supports Apple’s MagSafe and also have a lanyard anchor point which can be helpful when shooting photos in precarious situations.

Nomad’s new Moment-compatible Rugged Case is available to order now direct from Nomad for $59.95.

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