Satechi mixes iPad Pro foldable stand with 6-port hub
This portable iPad stand is also a USB-C hub with half a dozen ports.
Photo: Satechi

Turn your iPad Pro into a desktop computer almost anywhere with the Satechi Aluminum Stand & Hub. It folds to be easily carried, but opens to hold up the tablet and provide a USB-A port, HDMI port and more.

“Satechi designed the Aluminum Stand & Hub to not only physically elevate the iPad Pro off of a desk, but to elevate it in terms of usability and design,” said its creator.

iPad stand and multiport hub in one

The accessory’s HDMI port offers 4K at 60Hz. The USB-A port allows legacy accessories to be connected. There are both SD card and microSD card slots and a 3.5mm audio jack.

It includes a USB-C power port in the back, and a USB-C connector on a short cable plugs into the tablet.

“The Stand & Hub is also entirely foldable, making it even more convenient to store and carry on-the-go from work to home and anywhere in between,” notes Satechi.

Watch a quick video to see this accessory in action:

The Aluminum Stand & Hub is available now on the Satechi website. The regular prices is $99.99, but get 20% off now through June 6 at with code IPADPRO.

iPad users who want an adjustable stand without the built-in USB-C hub might consider the Satechi Aluminum Desktop Stand.