In the recent past, Apple has released a Pro version of various devices across its lineup. We have iPhone 12 Pro, iPad Pro, and iMac Pro. A new concept pictures the “Apple Pro Mouse” with a reversible design and gesture support via “Taptic Sidebar.” Most importantly, the mouse can be used even when charging.

Designer Vincent has shared the Apple Pro Mouse concept on Behance. He feels Magic Mouse is “beautiful” but there are a lot of areas where it can improve. Vincent has attempted to address the shortcomings of the Magic Mouse and throw in some “Pro” features.

Introducing Pro Mouse – A perfect shape of ergonomic design for both hands and revolutionary interacting gesture.

The Apple Pro Mouse concept sticks to Apple’s minimalistic design language. It is pictured in space grey color and features a reversible design. The traditional mouse is designed to suit right-handed use. Someone left-handed might find it difficult to use a conventional mouse. Meanwhile, the reversible mouse is designed such that both right and left-handed people can use it with relative ease.

The concept extends Magic Mouse functionality with a Magic Trackpad feature and a side-mounted Sidebar with a Taptic Engine similar to the one found on iPhone. You can use your thumb for effortless scrolling and clicking. Furthermore, users can customize the gestures to suit their requirements.

Many users complain of the bottom-facing lightning port on Apple Mouse. Due to this positioning, it is not possible to use the mouse while charging. The concept moves the lightning port to the front so that you can use the mouse while charging. There’s also a middle button in the mouse that can come in handy if you are an artist or designer.

[via Behance]

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