Apple often touts the iPad as an laptop alternative. Working in this direction, the company introduced iPadOS. Despite the hardware prowess, iPad users continue to complain about multitasking capability. A new concept has borrowed some elements from Mac and shows how Apple could improve multitasking with iPadOS 15.

The concept is designed by Vidit Bhargava, creator of a popular app called LookUp. As you can see, the concept envisages a Mac-like menu and implements multitasking features like App Library, floating windows on iPadOS. The app developer came across certain multitasking limitations. Then he went ahead and created multiple iPadOS concepts with improved multitasking features.

Bhargava explains how powerful apps like Procreate or Affinity Designer struggle to offer easy-to-use interface and navigation. The all-new iPad Pro features powerful hardware. However, the functionality of apps is crippled with limited multitasking options. Typically, apps on iPadOS are comparable with their desktop version. Typically, app makers have to work on specific user interfaces suited for Apple’s standard controls. It becomes challenging for developers to focus on ease of use.

He adds,

Actions are often hidden behind modes, strips of complicated icons, or simply not available for the lack of space. As a result, there’s no single location you can go to find all of the functionality an iPad app offers.

Bhargava’s concept includes a menu bar that extends across the iPad. This is done to offer a Mac-like menu option that changes every time you open a different app. It also includes a customizable tray with features like Spotlight and shortcuts; every time you open a new time, the menu bar shows actions like Preferences and About the app.

The floating window for running apps like Calculator impressed us the most. It would be super convenient if one could open a floating app over the current app. The floating window is resizable and movable. Lastly, the concept apps App Library in the Dock giving quick access to any app.

[via Vidtb]

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