Coding is easier than ever before, with countless courses on how to learn computer languages popping up nearly every day. Whether you’re a new and aspiring programmer, or just need to brush up in some areas, you won’t want to miss this limited-time deal on a massive computer science certification bundle. The courses in this bundle will help you build your IT and data science skills quickly and easily.

For a limited time, you can snag The 2021 Complete Computer Science Certification Bundle for just $20, a major discount from its total value of $1,800. (After our Memorial Day sale ends, you can still get this collection of courses for $39.99.)

Ultimate computer science educational bundle

Featuring nine distinct courses, this bundle is packed with 212 hours of curated content on Python, Linux, discrete math, TensorFlow and so much more. Those unfamiliar can learn Python from the ground up. And there’s also a course on how to apply Python in the data science field. Another course covers data analysis and statistical modeling with R, a computing language useful for data scientists in any field, including those outside of computer programming.

That course dovetails nicely with one on applied probability and statistics for computer science. It focuses on utilizing concepts of probability and statistics as applied to data science and machine learning. The bundle also includes developer boot camp and web-building courses that encourage students to build 20 different websites and 15 unique apps for real-world skills development.

This isn’t simply useful information, either. Learning these novel concepts and mastering them like a professional programmer can be a blast. “I didn’t know math could be this fun!” wrote Cynthia Williams in a review for this course bundle. “Enjoyed the contents of this course a lot. Quick and to the point. Code parts are really what make this course stand out.”

As the description of the coursework says, “Data is the new oil, and everyone should be able to work with it.” Everyone interested in computer science, from beginner to advanced, should grab this course bundle while it’s available at such a steep discount.

Save on the 2021 Complete Computer Science Certification Bundle

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