Tim Cook will speak at the conference for the first time.
Photo: VivaTech

Tim Cook will be speaking at VivaTech, described as Europe’s biggest startup and tech event, later this month. The multi-day conference runs from June 16 through June 19. It has yet to be confirmed which day Cook will be appearing, and whether his talk will be given live or (as is more likely) virtually.

In a tweet sent by VivaTech’s organizers, they wrote that: “Newsflash! Apple CEO Tim Cook will speak at #VivaTech for the first time!”

Cook isn’t the only big name tech executive to be appearing at the event. Microsoft President Brad Smith and IBM CEO Arvind Krishna have both been confirmed for the event, as has EU Commissioner Thierry Breton. Previous versions of the conference have featured the likes of Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Alibaba’s Jack Ma, and others.

It’s not yet confirmed what Cook will be discussing, either. A good bet, however, is Apple’s focus on user privacy, which is a theme Cook frequently waxes lyrical on during his speeches. It’s a big differentiator for Apple, and a topic very close to the heart of Apple’s CEO. While it most likely won’t come up during the speech, Apple is currently the subsequent of multiple investigations in Europe. One of these probes Apple’s control of the App Store. The other is focused on Apple Pay. In both cases, Apple is accused of possibly violating competition regulations.

This will be Tim Cook’s second speaking event in June. Next week, Cook will deliver the keynote at WWDC 2021. There, he will lay out Apple’s software updates for the next year — and maybe, just maybe, even show off some next-gen hardware along the way. Cook is currently in his tenth year as Apple CEO, having taken the job in August 2011.

Via: iMore